Net Zero New Zealand: The Emissions Workshop is a one-day conference designed to provide guidance and information to New Zealand organisations seeking to manage their emissions profile and take their place in a low-carbon economy.

This is a must-attend event for all organisations wanting to understand their emissions profile, the risks, challenges and opportunities for their business and those interested in measuring, reducing and offsetting their emissions.

The conference will bring together New Zealand’s private and public sector organisations, emissions-intensive industries, energy consumers and key stakeholders to discuss the practical implications for industry and government of achieving a lower emissions economy. The audience normally consists of board members, senior managers, managers, government officials and regulators.

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Content, agenda and programme development
Irwin Munro
+64 27 808 0748
irwin.munro [at] (subject: Emissions%20Workshop%20enquiry)

Event and registration enquiries
events [at] (subject: Emissions%20Workshop%20enquiry)

Sponsorship enquiries
James Wardhaugh
+64 21 636 819
james.wardhaugh [at] (subject: Emissions%20Workshop%20enquiry)

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