The New Zealand Minerals Forum is a two-day conference and exhibition. It is designed to showcase the New Zealand mining sector to stakeholders and prospective investors; and educate and inform the New Zealand mining community.

In 2018 it was held in Queenstown, on the  29-30 May. It was attended by 291 delegates from 130 organisations. 

The 2018 forum covered:

  • New Zealand mineral investment opportunities
  • Prospectivity analysis
  • Exclusive industry announcements
  • Current mining operations and a Mine Manager's forum
  • Regulatory roadmap guidance and a focus on local government
  • Environmental compliance and showcasing of best practice in New Zealand
  • Sessions will be CPD-compliant for New Zealand mining Certificate of Competence (CoC) holders
  • Coal Users' Forum

The 2019 Forum will be held on the 28 - 29 May, in Dunedin. 


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If you would like to be involved please contact:

Renee Cadenhead
+64 27 7845 526
renee.cadenhead [at]

Programme and agenda
Matt Freeman
+64 27 471 1113
matt.freeman [at]

Registration enquiries
Irwin Munro
+64 4 831 5150
irwin.munro [at]

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