Wednesday, February 27, 2019


A quarterly invite-only meeting based in New Plymouth, brings together permit holders/operators, explorers, rig owners, key infrastructure providers, regulators, government and key service companies, to discuss upcoming activity and share information for mutual benefit and the advancement of the industry in New Zealand.

Scope of the club

The purpose of the NZPC is to share information for the purposes of co-ordinating resource sharing and farming opportunities for the benefit of all parties for future operations.

It is intended that the exchange of information would be fair and equitable among all participants. NZPC is a meeting of members to exchange views and full participation is actively encouraged.

The more information can be found on the members-only website.


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Contact details: 

Event and Club Information
Eliza Murray
+64 21 039 0928
eliza.murray [at]

Renee Cadenhead
+64 27 7845 526
renee.cadenhead [at]

General Enquiries
petroleumclub [at]

Freeman Media General Manager
Neil Wembridge
+64 21 190 2971
neil.wembridge [at]

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