Freeman COVID-19 Alert Level 3 update

Freeman is now operating under the Alert Level 3 lockdown requirements with all staff working from home. We are looking forward to (and preparing) for the move down the Alert Levels.

We have actioned a business plan in response to COVID-19.

Our publications Energy News, Inside Resources and Capital Letter have been reporting record visitor traffic during Alert Level 4 and now at Level 3. Thank you to all our subscribers, subjects, sponsors and advertisers for your ongoing support and patience during this period. Independent sector-specific information will remain in strong demand.

We are working to reformat all our events to comply with government Alert Level restrictions by introducing any or all of the following:

  • Online delivery
  • Hybrid in-person and online delivery
  • Social distancing
  • Appropriate hygiene standards
  • Registration processes and at-venue procedures to allow for contact tracing
  • Clear communications and at-venue signage to remind delegates what they need to do to be safe

Currently the Energy Trader Forum running May 7 and the Taranaki Energy Forum running May 13 will be delivered online. Please refer to the following websites for specific event updates:

Our commitment is to run safe events. We will ensure that the value you gain in attending, learning and networking isn't undermined by anxiety over the experience. We look forward to seeing you at your event soon.