Freeman is an experienced and savvy information services provider to the New Zealand corporate community.

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Understanding and reaching our audience

Understanding and reaching our audience

Freeman's primary audience captures the New Zealand energy, resources, mining and quarrying industries. Sub sectors of these industries include electricity, oil and gas, transport fuels, renewable energy, energy efficiency, carbon, coal, gold, ironsands, roading, contracting, concrete and cement.

Within these key industries Freeman reaches over 90 per cent of industry participants (in some cases near 100 per cent) at a decision-maker, professional, and C-suite level. Its secondary audience captures service providers to these industries – professional services firms, consultancies, engineering companies, technology companies, central and local Government, regulators, product importers and distributors. Its tertiary audience rounds out its penetration across New Zealand’s top 200 organisations through its large energy user and company director audience.

Key metrics*:


Number of organisations subscribing to information services


Annual unique monthly visits to information services


Annual page views to information services


Newsletter subscriptions


Annual event tickets sold


Other product reach by unique visitor


Public website visitors


Number of companies in
Deloitte Top 200# reached via subscription


Articles written each year


Number of government organisations reached via subscription


Number of companies in Deloitte Top 200# reached via subscription and events



Average minutes per visit on information services

*Source data includes Google Analytics, Deloitte Top 200, NZX and internal company content management reporting
#Deloitte Top 200 reference excludes government organisations

Freeman has one of the most engaged online audiences in business information media in New Zealand with an average time on site per reader of well over four minutes and pages per visit average of over three.

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Upcoming Events

15 August, 2019

The Energy Trader Forum is an exclusive invite-only event for the energy trading and energy markets community.

21 August, 2019

The Deloitte Energy Excellence Awards provide an annual opportunity to recognise excellence and achievement across the energy sector. 

4 December, 2019

Designed to provide guidance and information to NZ organisations seeking to manage their emissions profile and take their place in a low-carbon economy.

Company News

15 July, 2019

This time we quizzed the industry on itself – do we have the right people to face such a rapidly changing sector? How important is diversity in the electricity industry? 

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03 July, 2019

Judges were once again impressed with the quality of projects put forward and the innovation across disciplines in the sector.

The breadth of entries, with small specialist companies standing alongside the giants of the sector in demonstrating excellence, is truly impressive.

The 2019 finalists are:

Network Initiative of the Year – sponsored...

10 June, 2019

Do we have the people we need to navigate New Zealand’s electricity sector in times of great change? How can we attract and keep the talent we need? 

For the latest Energy News and ABB New Zealand Electricity Survey we are asking the sector about itself. How well are we doing when it comes to diversity, well-being and staying ahead of the curve? 

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Research & Information

New Zealand Power Stations is a comprehensive eBook containing information on more than 200 of the country’s electricity generating assets, including operating, consented and planned stations.

The New Zealand Petroleum Exploration Opportunities (Farm-In) service is a free-to-view website providing a platform for explorers to showcase and market the petroleum exploration permits they are looking to farm-out to the global petroleum exploration community.

The New Zealand Mining Investment Opportunities website is a free-to-view website that provides a platform for the New Zealand minerals sector to showcase and market investment opportunities to the global community.

In today’s information society, a prompt and accurate flow of information is critical for decision-making at all levels. Expert opinions, research and accepted methodologies are well tested and complemented by surveys. Increasingly the digital age is making tools like surveys a vital part of any decision-making process.