Energy News and GE Digital Electricity Survey – it’s all about change

The 2021 Energy News and GE Digital Electricity Survey is open and has some important questions to get the sectors’ view on.

Survey convenor Irwin Munro says now is the perfect time to stop for a few minutes and provide your views on the challenges and opportunities facing the electricity sector currently. Following feedback from 2020 survey respondents the format of several questions has been changed.

“The sector was really keen to provide personal views last year and felt that some of the answer options were restrictive, so we have adjusted this year’s survey in response to the feedback and have opened up several questions to provide free text answers,” Munro says.

“We are looking forward to hearing what people think now they have this option of adding their own thoughts and comments.”

This year the survey will focus on:

  • Decarbonisation
  • Energy security
  • Future predictions
  • Customer engagement and trust
  • Workforce

This year marks the tenth edition of the survey, which has become a key source of industry insight. The survey is assembled following an advisory panel discussion managed by industry expert John Hancock and including representatives from GE Digital Grid, Trustpower, the Commerce Commission, Powerco, Simply Energy, Genesis, the Electricity Authority, Northpower, Vector and Energy News.

The survey is sponsored by GE Digital. GE Digital’s software manages 40 per cent of global electricity. It has been operating in New Zealand for well over 25 years, where its technology manages numerous industrial assets, including the national electricity grid, wholesale market dispatch, several distribution networks and local telecommunications infrastructure.

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