Judgments Express joins Capital Letter

Freeman Media has acquired The Judgments Unlimited Express.
‘The Express’ is a weekly legal newsletter producing in-brief case summaries of all judgments from the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, and High Court.
Former long-serving Capital Letter editor Penny Pepperell has been the driving force behind The Express. “I originally started The Express in 1994 as a sideline to Jack Hodder's judgment service that was running alongside The Capital Letter in the early days,” she says. “I was doing case notes for CL and there seemed to be a demand for knowing about cases deemed not important enough to go into CL.”
Pepperell, a well-respected figure in the legal information services area is now retiring. Barrister and experienced legal writer Helen Bowen will take over the running of The Express. She will be supported by two part-time writers, Shelley Gifford and Lucy Tustin, who have worked on the publication for a while. They will be supported by the wider Capital Letter team of Josh, Geoff, Graham, Tracey and Gavin.
Under Freeman Media’s ownership The Express will continue to be sent out as a weekly email. The case summaries will continue to be written in the same style but will now be hosted online within the Capital Letter environment and contain links to the judgments. The Express content will now be fully searchable.
Contact rob.smith [at] freemanmedia.co.nz for more information.