Understanding and reaching our audience

Freeman serves three distinct business audiences.

Energy sector: Our primary audience in this sector includes the electricity, oil and gas, transport fuels, renewable energy, energy efficiency and carbon industries.

Extractives sector: Our primary audience in this sector includes the mining, quarrying, roading, contracting, concrete and cement industries.

Legal sector: Our primary audience in this sector includes legal practitioners spanning small legal firms and chambers to large corporate law firms. It also includes all of the main courts and tribunals. It has a growing in-house counsel readership amongst the New Zealand corporate and Government community.

Within these key industries it reaches over 90 per cent of industry participants (in some cases near 100 per cent) at a decision-maker, professional, and C-suite level.

Freeman's secondary audience captures service providers to these industries – professional services firms, consultancies, engineering companies, technology companies, central and local Government, regulators, product importers and distributors.

A further tertiary audience includes many of New Zealand’s top 200 organisations at a specialist or company director level.

Key metrics *:


Number of organisations subscribing to information services


Annual unique visits to information services


Annual page views to information services


Newsletter subscriptions


Annual event tickets sold


Other product reach by unique visitor


Public website visitors


Number of companies in Deloitte Top 200# reached via subscription 


Articles written each year


Number of government organisations reached via subscription


Number of companies in Deloitte Top 200# reached via subscription and events


Average minutes per visit to information services

*Source data includes Google Analytics, Deloitte Top 200, NZX and internal company content management reporting
#Deloitte Top 200 reference excludes government organisations

Freeman has one of the most engaged online audiences in business information media in New Zealand with an average time-on-site per reader of well over four minutes and a pages-per-visit average of over three.

Its events receive consistently high satisfaction rates and in general remain in growth mode.

Our team is available to design a marketing solution that will best suit your needs, looking to understand your target market and providing advice on the best combination of our media to reach them.

Reaching key decision-makers can require a combination of approaches from digital advertising, event sponsorship, exhibitor offerings, targeted roundtables, case studies to editorial submissions.

We have over 15 years experience publishing in the New Zealand corporate space and below is a sample of some of our enterprise subscribers: 

About the energy, extractives and legal sectors in New Zealand


Every business in New Zealand is dependent on the energy sector which provides the backbone for the country’s economic growth and security.

The five large electricity generators and retailers all occupy the NZX50 index and are some of the largest organisations in the country by market capitalisation.

The oil and gas sector provides gas for domestic consumption in New Zealand and also exports oil, predominantly to Australia. In recent times oil has been the country’s largest export to Australia and within the country’s top ten exports overall.

Transport fuel suppliers and the New Zealand oil refinery are amongst the Deloitte Top 200 index based on revenue.


Gold is presently the country’s largest export to Australia. Coal provides energy for certain industries in New Zealand and is also a valuable export.

The mining sector is a vital part of the West Coast, Otago and Waikato regional economies.

The country’s quarries feed the construction sector providing material for roading, concrete, cement and general construction. Its largest players also occupy the Deloitte Top 200.


The New Zealand legal sector provides one of the core pillars of our society. It includes the judiciary (courts), Government, a range of key institutions, and the firms and practicioners that operate within and around it.

For more information on how you can reach these sectors and their organisations, browse the separate product pages from the main navigation bar and make contact with the relevant sponsorship, advertising and business development executives.